1500m2 Piece of Land for sale

1500m2 Piece of Land for sale

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1500M2 piece of land for sale is located at Bojongo.

Bonjongo (or Bojongo) is a locality of Cameroon located in the department of Fako and the South-West Region . It is part of the municipality of Buea and the diocese of Buéa . It is a high place of Catholicism in Cameroon.

Under German colonization , it was called “Engelberg” (the mountain of angels). One of the first Catholic missions was founded there in 1894 .A Foyer de Charité was created there in 2000 .

In 1953 Bonjongo had 531 inhabitants, in 1968 this figure rose to 770 . In the 2005 census, there were 3,447 people .Bonjongo is 558m above sea level. Bonjongo has a tropical climate. There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Bonjongo, with precipitation even during the driest month. The Köppen-Geiger climate map classifies the climate as Af type. The average temperature in Bonjongo is 21.6 ° C. The mean annual precipitation is 3922 mm.

The Bakweri are the most numerous there .