500m2 Piece of LAND FOR SALE

500m2 Piece of LAND FOR SALE

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A 500m2 piece of land available for sale at mile 4 Bonadikombo. The land is situated at the former chief’s palace along the Wututu road.

Bonadikombo (or Bonidekombo) is a locality in Cameroon located in the South-West region and the Fako department , on the road linking Limbé to Mutengene [ 2 ] . It is attached to the municipality of Limbé


The locality had 852 inhabitants in 1953 and 1,427 in 1967, mainly Bakweri . In the 2005 census, there were 12,880 people. The population of Bonadikombo is increasing at a rapid rate. This is due to some advatanges of the locality like a good prtable water which is almost free, less congested nature of the locality, good and affordable housing and the all the cold climate of Bonadikombo


Bonadikombo has a health center (CSI) .This health center has helped the community of Bonadikombo as they go to the health center for medical check ups,emergencies and other health issues. This health center also sustains the community as it grants employment to nurses in Bonadikombo