Land Acquisition Stages In Cameroon

Land Acquisition Stages In Cameroon

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In Cameroon, the acquisition of a plot of land is done in five main stages

1. Signature of the request for fragmentation or total transfer, topographic survey and demarcation, signature of the demarcation minutes.

The subdivision request is made when the plot is in a subdivision. Otherwise it is a total transfer request. Whatever its nature, it is signed by the seller. The topographic survey and boundaries are carried out by the surveyor and the boundary reports are signed by the seller, the buyer, and the surveyor.

2. Establishment of the technical file for the plot of land

The technical file is a document drawn up by the cadaster service which lets anyone know that a plot of land is in the process of changing owners. It is established based on the request for fragmentation or total transfer and the signed demarcation reports.

3. Establishment of the town planning certificate

This certificate is an administrative act drawn up by the town hall or the urban community of the locality which describes the town planning rules (limits, access to public facilities, etc.). It is compulsory in an urban area and is a prerequisite for establishing the act of sale

4. Signing of the deed of sale.

The bill of sale is a document that results in the change of ownership of a property. It is signed before a notary public by the seller and the buyer or their representatives. Then, the notary follows the procedure until the release of the land title.

5. Withdrawal of land title

At this stage, the new owner or his representative withdraws the land title from the notary.